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Commercial Pest Control Services

Proper inspection of your facility prior to any treatments ensures high-quality results. During the inspection phase, we: 

  • Establish detailed IPM methods highlighting all issues and solutions including mechanical solutions, sanitation solutions, exclusion solutions and chemical solutions that can take place in your facility. (For more on IPM please see our FAQ page)
  • Use pest specific chemicals that are environmentally friendly and safe to be used while staff and/or customers are on site. In the event methods or chemicals will require staff and/or customers to not be present we will confer with you or your staff and seek approval for all measures used. 
  • Implement service and stragetegy schedules so everyone knows what is to take place and when it is to take place. You will no longer have to guess when we are to be on site and what it is we exactly do, you will have it in black and white. You will not be SURPRISED to find an invoice on your door or desk, you will have our service schedule on site to notify you to our arrival. 
  •  We will at all times communicate with your or your staff to hear of new or ongoing issues from you and conversely we will inform you of what we have done and what needs to be done.
  • We will work with you as PARTNERS to help solve your issues...as sometimes it will require you to  do certain things to help us manage and eliminate your pest issues.

Residential Pest Control Services

  • Provide on time initial inspection of property to ascertain severity of your pest issues.
  • Provide on time monthly or quarterly services to your home. No longer will you have to guess when your pest control provider will show up. When we set a time with you for service, we will be on time or early and if for unforseen circumstances we will be late...we call ahead to notify you and ensure that we will not be holding you up from other engagements you may have. Respect for your time is crucial for us...we know what it is like to wait minutes upon minutes hours upon hours for no one to show or even have the courtesy to call you. That WILL NEVER happen with us!
  • We will inspect and find exlusionary methods, sanitation methods & mechanical methods to help you eliminate your pest issues. We will use the safest, greenest chemicals to achieve the results you and your family demand to provide a safe and pest free environment.


Don't worry, our solid staff will always remember
what your problem areas are & solve them whether they be big or small!


We will partner with you...
...to help solve all your pest needs!

Bird Control

Pigeons, Sparrows, Starlings and the like...are they defacing your property with their unsightliness? Do your customers complain about your sidewalks, signage or awnings being covered in bird droppings? Are you concerned about the health risk they pose?

If you answer yes to any of these or have even greater concerns, we can help eliminate the roosting of birds and the mess they leave behind. We have exlusionary measures for almost all types of buildings and surfaces as well as fragrance machines that repel the birds away using NON-CHEMICAL measures.

Give us a call so we may come out and ascertain the severity of your problems and formulate a plan to help rid you of these nuisance birds.

Bed Bug Control

Bed Bugs? What?
That's what you would have said 6 years ago, but guess what...THEY'RE BACK!
Maybe you have seen the reports on the nightly news or heard of a friend who stayed at an upscale hotel and brought home bed bugs or maybe your facility has experienced them in the past or heaven forbid you are dealing with them at this very moment.

We have helped apartment complexes, hospitals and residential homes eradicate these nasty little critters. We can do the same for you...but be warned, this is no easy undertaking and it will require that we work together to locate and eradicate this pest. Rest assured though, once we are all on the same page...we can help rid you of this pest that is very, very difficult to dispose of.
Often times we are 30% to 50% less expensive than the competition when it comes to bed bugs and we can even have an entomologist visit your home/facility to provide a second set of eyes and professional opinion.

See our FAQ sheet for more information on bed bugs.


Drain Flies, Fruit Flies and Gnats! Is your commercial kitchen being invaded by these nuisance pest?
We can inspect your kitchen or food prep areas and determine the cause and help you devise a plane to eradicate these winged headaches!

Bio-Remediation is a NON-CHEMICAL measure to eradicate the issue...it uses microbes and enzymes to eat away the muck and guck (technical term) in your drains, grease traps, pipes and floors.

Can you never seem to get rid of the floor scum or drain build up of food and grease? This is the perfect solution for you. Call us today for a free inspection!

Termite Control

Residential and Commercial termite control is a must in the midwest. There are only 2 types of buildings in this region: those that have termites and those that will get them.
Whether it is a baiting system that provides remarkable results and the least amount of interruption to your way of life or the newest, safest chemical measures that provide little to no environmental impact, we do them all and can help tailor a program that meets your needs and budget!

Serengeti Pest Control: Protecting the ones you love!