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General Questions

Do your technicians wear ID Badges and drive marked vehicles?

            A: Yes, we wear uniforms and ID badges so you may know who we are. The uniforms have a "safari" feel to them as does our trucks. They are brightly wrapped and have a safari theme to them. 

Do you practice IPM and what is IPM?

            A: Yes we practice a matter of fact we have written the IPM protocols for school districts, hospitals, nursing homes and many others. So it is safe to say we fully understand and embrace IPM. What is IPM? TECHNICALLY: IPM is a process for achieving long term, environmentally sound pest suppression through the use of a wide variety of technological and management practices. SIMPLY: IPM controls pest while reducing the hazards of pests and pesticide exposure to humans. 

Termites, does my home really need treatment?

A: Not always, 1st a thorough home inspection must take place to see if you have termites and if so what would be the best course of action to rid your home of these pest that destroy billions of dollars worth of properties each year. We provide FREE termite inspections to see if you even need to worry about termites. 

     Bed Bugs, are they really back?

            A: You bet, and many places of business and now residential homes are experiencing them more than ever. It’s just not shady hotels or homeless people who get bed bugs as many seem to think to be the case. Quite the contrary, many upscale hotels and affluent people of all cultures and backgrounds have fallen victim to this pest.

            Bed bugs easily catch rides on luggage, shoes, socks, clothing, sheets or whatever and all you have to do is be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Go eat at an exclusive restaurant and maybe someone just ate at your table that stayed at a hotel with bed bugs…now you have them. Ride on an airplane that a person had bed bugs in their carry on and now they left them behind in your seat…now you have them. Your child spends the night at a friends house and comes home complaining of a rash, guess what…could be bed bugs.

      What do bed bugs look like and how would I know if I have them?

         A: They are small and reddish brown in color and appear to look somewhat like a tick. That’s in the adult phase, they have 5 instars, or growth cycles and can appear as small as a pin head at first and almost impossible to recognize.

            If you wake up in the morning and appear to have small reddish bite marks or a rash ANYWHERE on your body that is a sign. If you find blood spots on your sheets or pillow that is also a sign that you have brought home bed bugs.

            If you stay at a hotel, it is always best to inspect the mattress and box springs. You want to look for the bug itself, but that is not always possible. Some tell-tale signs they may be there, they leave blood stains and fecal matter in the areas that they live. So along the seams of the mattress or box spring is the first place to look. Then look around the tags on the bed, they like to live around these as well. If you see nothing at this point but want to be safe, remove the headboard from the wall (just grab and lift directly up) and inspect the back of the headboard and the board mounted on the wall. Again, if you see no bugs, look for their “leave behinds” or “calling cards”.

   You have a lot of stuff on here that pertains to residential pest control, what about my place of business?

        A: I am glad you asked, our specialty is just that, commercial business. We focus on large, sprawling complexes such as food warehouses, food distribution centers, and manufacturing plants. We also focus on facilities or organizations with multiple properties such as school districts or hospital groups. All of these have one thing in common….potential for MANY pest issues that require a knowledgeable PCO (pest control operator) to safely administer the proper chemicals and make the proper suggestions to protect these facilities from pest related issues.

            Not any PCO can walk into a hospital and know what to do and how to do it. Not any PCO can walk into a school district and know what to do and how to do it. Same can be said for all of the above mentioned businesses. With that said, many try to SELL themselves to get in the door and figure they will learn as they go.

            This is an unacceptable practice and one you cannot afford to take place in your facility. Imagine this scenario: You hire a professional PCO to help rid you of German Roaches and other general pest. He comes in and applies his chemicals after hours and the next day when you come to work, the place must be shut down and quarantined as HAZMAT must now come in and clean all the chemical up that this PCO has applied. Sounds outlandish? Now imagine the building in question was the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency).

            No way you say, any PCO worth his salt would be EXTRA careful when treating their offices. Yes, you would think so, but this ACTUALLY happened. This company actually used an agricultural pest product because they thought it would provide quicker results.


       Are you licensed and insured?

        A: Yes we are and we can provide you with the proper documentation to suit your facilities needs.

       Are you familiar with AIB, Silliker, YUM-YUM foods and other 3rd party auditors?

        A: Yes we are, we have been involved with facilities that employ all of the above mentioned auditors. It is our goal to get you your “SUPERIOR” as we know many bonuses for yourself and other employees are determined on these audits. We have even seen peoples jobs hang by the balance of an audit score.

            Let us help you shore up holes in your existing program or take over for a company that has let you down one too many times.

How long have you been in Kansas City? What’s your history?

        A: Well the Owner and General Manager has been doing pest control in the Kansas City area since 1993, or 17+ years. Like most in the business he started off as a technician and worked his way up to Service Manager, Branch Manager and District Manager before beginning his first pest control related company in January of 2009. He created Pest Management Consulting, LLC, which is still in business as a sister company. He saw a real need for large property groups (ex: school districts, apartment complexes, etc.) to save as much money as possible. So he offered his consulting expertise from a PCO point of view. Services offered are; writing IPM protocols, writing RFP’s (Request For Proposal), negotiating contracts for pest control w/ PCO’s.

            He then began to train school districts on how they could safely and legally perform their own pest control, literally saving them thousands upon thousands of dollars per year. As he was making his calls to the school districts and other businesses, they began to ask him to perform the pest control for them and replace their current company.

            At first he politely declined, but then more and more businesses started requesting his services to PERFORM PEST CONTROL. He then realized, if he employed his same money saving philosophies for the client to the realm of performing pest control, he could potentially save his clients 30% or more over their current PCO.

            So, he began to take on the clients that asked for his help and he began to call on other facilities as well, offering them the same great rates. Needless to say, most people are skeptics and when someone hears that they “Will get the same quality service for 30% less”. Well, it catches their attention, but in the back of their mind they are thinking that it is hogwash and they want it proved to them.

            So here we are, proven it one customer at a time. Pest Management Consulting, LLC was beginning to get more pest control clients than consulting clients. That is when we knew we must branch off and create a strictly pest control oriented company and focus on those customers. So he began to think and let the creative juices flow and in a matter of hours came up with SERENGETI PEST CONTROL.

      Why Serengeti Pest Control for a name & what’s with the outfits?

        A: Truth be told, the owner is just a big kid at heart, ask anyone who knows him. All of his life he has been enamored with Indiana Jones, and jungles, and wild animals, safaris and adventure. He felt that this was an opportunity to start a company for the PURE JOY OF IT and make it as fun for him and everyone around him as possible, including the customers.

            So, what does a boy…err, I mean a man do that wants to explore the world and seek adventure, but just can’t quite get away to do it? He brings that sense of adventure to him and brings the safari and jungle and animals to him. It was his idea for a web site influenced by happy go lucky and wise cracking animals. It was his idea to wrap the vehicles in the brightest, safariest (is that a word), wild animalist, attention getting, eye popping, memorable trucks in the city…heck the country for that matter! It was his idea to wear a uniform…err, outfit that when people saw it would inspire them to think Indiana Jones or Steve Irwin (The Crocodile Hunter, yea, yea we know he’s from the Australian Outback, not the Serengeti …but he’s still very cool! )

            So do they get a little grief walking around in cargo pants and a safari shirt…sure, but that’s half the fun! If you see one of the trucks in a parking lot, don’t be afraid to come up and say “Hi!” and if you have children, bring them too…there’s always little animal and insect toys for them on board! Besides, why should the SERENGETI guys get to have all the fun?

Serengeti Pest Control: Protecting the ones you love!