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Be proactive.....
Don't wait until there's a fire to try and stomp it out!

We are a full-service pest control company providing quality service to residential, industrial, and commercial clients. From Homes to Hospitals, School Districts & Nursing Homes as well as places you eat and sleep at including restaurants and hotels. We specialize in sensitive needs facilities and have expert technicians that are dedicated to working with you to implement a solution that meets your needs. 

Whether it is the hospitals you or your loved ones go to for care or the schools you send your children to, you can trust that the service provided to these establishments insures they are pest free and there will never be any fear of coming into contact with any pesticides. As we use the greenest solutions possible to ensure a pest free environment that equates to safety for staff, clients, patients, children, elderly and anyone else that may visit...including your pets!

We use IPM measures (Integrated Pest Management) to identify, correct and solve your ongoing needs. For more on IPM see our FAQ sheet.
We are fully licensed and insured

Our services include:
    • Commercial Pest Control 
    • Residential Pest Control 
    • Termite Control 
    • Bird/Pigeon Exclusion 
    • Bed Bug Control
    • Drain Bio-Remediation

We provide FREE ESTIMATES...give us a call or fill out the form on the Request an Estimate page.

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Sensitive Needs

We specialize in sensitive needs facilities. What is a special need facility?

Well quite honestly...your place is a special need facility.

Whether it be a retirement community that your grandparents or parents are residing. Or a hospital that a loved one is staying in to receive care on their road to recovery. Or an elementary school that your child spends 8 hours a day at. Or your place of business that hold hundreds of employees all which have allergies and reactions to chemicals you could not possibly know. Or your home where you eat, sleep and live...your sanctuary from all the stress and hub-bub of the world.

These are all sensitive needs, as at anytime there are people and pets in and around these structures that could be exposed to any number of untold chemicals.

We provide pest control with ALL of these places and people and pets in mind. We too have children in school, elderly grandparents and sick relatives in these facilities as well as beloved pets. We would not expose members of our family to unneccessary pesticides and therefore treat you and yours as if they are ours.(test)

Serengeti Pest Control: Protecting the ones you love!